Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tony Seruga Ripoff Protection System Describes

Tony Seruga describes how to be safe from online scam and fraud. The increasing use of social networks raises the risk of rip off by identity theft. However, online payment fraud can endanger the business of an online merchant or at least lead to enormous losses of revenue. In addition to disgruntled employees and consumers, companies may face Rip Off Reports by environmental or other activist groups seeking to promote their political causes. There are many examples of these types of Web sites. Unfortunately, the good intention of Rip Off Reports can lead to controversy. Rip Off Reports can’t verify consumer complaints are legitimate. In some cases the complainants use false contact information or fictitious names when making reports. There are many criminals and business rivals reporting fake complaints at Rip Off Report about their business competitors and rivals for the purpose of threatening and damaging competitor’s good will. Many companies are suffering from fake reports published at ripoffreport by their rivals and competitors with bad intentions to damage their trade mark, cause business loss and hurt their good will. 
 Tony Seruga Scammer Protection System works great by prohibiting scam and fraud online.